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Company Overview

Comcast Media Center HeadquartersComcast Media Center (CMC) is a 19 year-old company with a large product set and extensive client base. Originally built in 1994 to meet the vision of advanced service offerings in digital video production and distribution, CMC continues to develop technologies and expand capabilities for both its parent company and third-party customer solutions.

CMC falls under the Comcast Wholesale business unit and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Comcast Cable, the largest cable MSO in the United States, making it financially and operationally stable.  This unique association with Comcast allows CMC to provide customers with the dedication, attention and customized solutions of a smaller company yet possess the solid backing, resources and infrastructure investment from a major communications corporation.

Across a customer base that includes Comcast and others in the media entertainment industry, CMC offers a wide range of solutions, from film and video production to business continuity and disaster recovery services.